Overly Attached Jesus

My ex is a bit psycho. They just can't understand why I don't like overprotective and clingy.

overly attached jesus
based on Overly Attached Girlfriend @ Know Your Meme


p.s. it's satire. Want to do the world a service? Be tolerant, even of those that are intolerant of you and/or your beliefs. #ToleranceDay


klahanie said...

Dear Jesus,
Can you send me a poster of your good self. And dear Jesus, I shall now prove I'm not a robot. Just a shy, tolerant android....

Kelly said...

The eyes of Jesus are burning through my chest and catching e on fire. AHHHH! AAAAAHHH! You bastard~!

You're not showing me any kindness, you freak... you're setting me on fire with the lasers shooting out of your horrid, soul-less eyes of yours. AHHH! I feel teh burn... teh burn.

Please don't put me over the b-b-q like last time, Jesus. That smarted.


Julio said...

Jesus doesn't you; he wants to POSSESS YOU. And yes, by "possess you" I do in fact mean "take over your body and fornicate with teenage girls."

Julio said...

*Jesus doesn't love you;

Kelly said...

Jesus has taken over my body and has forced me to masturbate furiously to clown midget porn. What a vile biblical character he is. I have no will to give thy hand a rest.

No, wait.... I was masturbating, furiously, to clown midget porn, already. Ahhh... wellllll.... never mind then.

Static said...

Wow! I love you all, you bunch of sickos. What would the world be without insanely weird people? Certainly keeps things interesting. It's good for the laffs.



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