Extreme Beer Pong

What can you do with some cups of water and a few chairs?

I want everyone who watches this video to forward it to
their parents. Then I want you all to encourage your
parents to forward it to their friends, their coworkers…
basically everyone they know. Why? Because I want this
kid's parents to see what he's been up to this semester.

Chad: (answers phone) Whaaazzzzaaaaaap?!

Chad's Dad: Chad? This is your father.

Chad: Daaaaad. Whazzzzzzaaaap?!

Chad's Dad: We need to have a talk.

Chad: (silent)

Chad's Dad: I saw a video of you on the YouTube.

Chad: Ohh… yeah? Sweeeeeet.

Chad's Dad: You must have spent a lot of time learning how
to do that.

Chad: Dude, bro, check it… I've been under like mad stress

Chad's Dad: I'm not paying $30,000 a year for you to learn
how to throw ping pong balls into some plastic fucking

Chad: No, dad… it's not like tha-

Chad's Dad: You know all your posters are crooked, right?

I don't want him to get into serious trouble with his folks
or anything… just enough that he needs to get a job. Maybe
then he'll stop wearing his hat like that.


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