Holiday Anger Management - Part 2

Deck the halls with piles of caca, falalala la la la la!

When it rains, it pours. Or when it snows, it dumps...big piles all over your house trapping you in a icy death trap.

Ok, funny story.
To complicate things this holiday season my LAN line phone has been down since yesterday. No service! At all. Yesterday I called the phone company who provides us with our digital phone service, Cox Communications.

They also provide us with digital cable television and internet, it's conveniently called a "Bundled Service Plan". I call it "A Monumental Pain In The Ass Since I've Had It Plan". I think with a string attached to two tin cans I would have better phone service than what I've been getting up until this point. Anyway, long story short: they are complete morons.

A rep stated that there was an accident in our area which took out a telephone pole and that the service should be back up that evening around 9 pm. Well 9 pm came and went and so did midnight when I fell asleep with the phone still glued to my ear.

And so far, 9 am came and went along with my patience for bullshit.

The latest response I get when I called the feckers from a pay phone today (yes, a goddamned pay phone, since my cell phone is dead!) is "Our apologies sir, I know this really stinks. And we're really sorry, but the soonest we can have a technician scheduled is Wednesday."

My response was, "Ummmm, yeah. Well it's Sunday and I don't think it's acceptable to NOT have someone on call for these kinds of situations."

The Cox CSR responded, "I apologize sir, with the holidays this was the worst time for this to happen."

Me, "You don't have to tell me that. Don't you think it's in Cox's best interest to have planned to keep a few people paid on overtime to handle an emergency of this nature?"

Cox CSR,"Again I'm really sorry, there's nothing we can do at this time and blah blah blah blah fucking blah."

After going back and forth like this for an hour overall in different calls (luckily they had a toll free number to reach "customer service" with) I wasn't able to get much but an empty promise that they could come out before Wednesday if they had someone avail to. Cox suckers.

It's a fluke that my internet service is still working and I can actually post this to my blog. Hell, my TV service works fine too. What if there were an emergency such as a fire or something worse, well then I guess I'd just be f**ked! I couldn't even call the suicide prevention helpline if I wanted to. I'll just go back to writing notes on rocks and throwing them through the recipient's windows.

Since I've been on temporary lay off from my job last month, I have had to cut expenditures to a minimum to get through the season. Figuring we didn't need a cell phone for a couple months, I dropped the service, and have kept up with the bills I have accumulated so far as best as I could.

But even so, now I have to use a pay phone to call friends to let them know I'm not coming for New Year's. Applying for unemployment and calling prospective employers has been a horror story all it's own...but I won't bore with those details.

So I ask Santa... "Where the feck were ya when I needed YOU this year you fat sonuvabitch?!"

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Anonymous said...

Thats a bummer dude keep your chin up it could always be worse, like spending the holidays with in-laws or your parents and siblings!!

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