Should Have Worn A Helmet

Remember: A helmet can't prevent an accident. All a helmet can do is protect an extremely thick skull from making a dull thud when striking the floor during a fall.

K1nda l1k3 teh t1m3 y0ur par3ntz dr0pp3d j00 0n yer hed. L0LZ!

Anyway, the point was...Helmets good, floor bad. Check.


ajlounyinjurylaw said...

Although headgear is not 100% foolproof, Manufacturer's claim their headgear reduces the probability of a concussion by 50%. Some protection is better than none.

Static said...

@injurylawyerny (ajlounyinjurylaw) TY I'll be mindful of that next time I go Grocery Cart Surfing. But you probably shouldn't spread that info around, it might put other ambulance chasers out of business. lol!

Mokoh said...

Lol, Krapsody is like tosh.0, except it doesn't make me want to stab chop-sticks through my ear-drums and/or eye-sockets.

Static said...

Dearest cherished precious respected esteemed adorable treasured captivating Mokoh,

This simply means that you are doing it wrong.

Insincerely Yours,


p.s. could you wipe the mocos off of your face--Por favor, muchas gracias. You have a big stringy booger hanging from your nose all the way down to your chin. It is very unbecoming.

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