Do You Suck At Photoshop?

Donnie Hoyle of walks us through seven episodes of Photoshop tutorials for those of us that truly suck at it. These tutorials, which are also avail on YouTube, are very handy and offer useful tips with some damned funny commentary to boot.

Anyway I have selected a particular video that just caught my eye on Digg and this was some hilarious shit. I'll give you some background: Donnie's four day hold-up at the airport makes for some heavy duty Photoshop diversion.

Clearly this tutorial showed the inner fat gas that is puffing up inside the beef rod and massages the bloated ego from the fleshy head just like an early season honey dew melon.

Fortunately for me, I am quite the photoshopper. I gots mad skillz yo. Just dig my newest creation I call "What Are You Doing?" Click the image to enlarge...

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Ok. I suck, really it's ok. I'll try for something better next time...


Lime & Tequila said...

More people able to manipulate photos through Photoshop can only ensure a more rapid transition to a world where tranquility and equality reign supreme, where the acolytes of all religions join together for songs of peace and prosperity, where the Economist and the Wall Street Journal show happy, humorous images instead of black-and-white travesties.

This was a truly majestic post and I am already running toward Youtube with the intention of Photoshopping my ex into compromising situations.

Peace and harmony,


Static said...

Why, thank you. Might I suggest you include your ex in gratuitous sexual positions with barnyard animals?

Nothing strikes a nerve better than seeing a photo of yourself in a compromising situation with a chicken. Of course this is the Colonel's secret recipe. Just ask him yourself.

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