Don't Look: Massive Shart in Progress

After Sarah Silverman's funny video "I'm F@ckin' Matt Damon" debuted on the Jimmy Kimmel Show a few weeks ago, it just adds a whole new twist on the late night show stand offs between Conan O'Brien, John Stewart and Stephen Colbert, Silverman's escapade of course prompted Jimmy Kimmel to strike back with his own response. If you haven't seen these then I have posted them here for your "viewing pleasure" (no pun intended).

This clip started the whole thing on the Jimmy Kimmel Show

And now another late night tv moment to be remembered.
Jimmy Kimmel is F@cking Ben Affleck Response to Matt & Sarah

All I can say is... sheesh. Pretty funny I guess, the Josh Groban spot and the list of stars involved in Kimmel's was golden, I can't even imagine Groban saying the word "f@ck". Doesn't it seems like these late night talk show hosts are really grasping for ideas? I dunno. Coincidentally, since everyone seems like they are sharing, I'm f@cking Marty Feldman.


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