How Much is Your Website Worth?

According to you can get a quick assessment of your site's worth.

"The estimated value of KRAPSODY is $1"

HA HA HA!!!!! Oh wow I can retire early folks!

I highly doubt anyone would pay that much, but it sure is interesting... if your idea of interesting is spooning with fat hairy bald men in a tub full of chocolate pudding (not that I've ever done that before). How much is yours worth?


Anonymous said...

Mine's worth $17,172 but I'll also accept 12 kittens (preferably alive).

Static said...

I can probably swing 8 live kittens (well mostly alive), AND a ball of twine.

Will you accept my offer?


Anonymous said...

Mine's worth $206.

I'll accept offers in the form of beer or Jack Daniels.

Static said...

How about a glass of nice refreshing kool aid instead?

Static said...

UPDATE! Krapsody is now worth..$, uh, sorry I meant: $0 - THAT'S ZERO U.S. dollars!! Anyone interested?

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