Owner Of Black Market Kidney Ring Detained

If you've woken up in a tub full of ice with a note explaining that you have to call emergency then you can thank this nut.

In Nepal (AP)- The leader of a black market kidney ring is being sent back to India. Amit Kumar is wanted for removing hundreds of kidneys from poor laborers often at gunpoint.

It is said that Kumar's ring has sold over 500 kidneys to clients from all over the world. Police found Kumar with a waiting list of 49 more individuals.

Kumar's clinics spanned over 5 states, one of which was raided in January. It was discovered that this operation involved four doctors, several hospitals, twenty-four nurses, paramedics and a car laboratory.

After breaking up this clinic in New Delhi, Kumar fled to a top jungle resort in Nepal where he was arrested, and is now being extradited back to India.
More on the story here.


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