Top 10 Instant Message Status Messages

1. I'm out like a dyslexic in a spelling bee.
2. I'm hiding from the police.
3. Unfortunately, I am with my wife. I wish I was still online. I will still check up on things from my iPhone.
4. I'm out like a fat girl playing dodgeball
5. So I have been on all day. Like I care.
6. One.. minute.. let me put .. the lube down.. where's the kleenex?
7. Shower time! If you want to view a live webcam broadcast. Click Here
8. I'm out like a midget in a slam dunk contest..
9. I'm puking! Wanna hold my hair.
10. FOR THE LAST TIME! Your mother left here at 9 this morning. So leave me alone!

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Anonymous said...

lol so true

Anonymous said...

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