Top 5 Reasons I Hate Captcha Verification

Another personal rant that couldn’t be avoided. Image Verification. I hate them to the very core. And they just seem to be everywhere around - Digg, Blogs, Websites, Forums, Registering, etc, etc.

1. Today’s captcha’s appear quite distorted and it takes time for people to really understand what’s written there. They are extremely hard to read (even for a person with nArOml eyesight ffs) and you may have to twist your eyes in all directions to really guess what it is. And, the chances are that in your hurry you may mistake one letter and will be forced to waste more fricken time. Is that squiggly/slashy/blobby thing a letter? A number? Is it a penis? What the fuck is that?! Whoever invented captcha is an asshat!

2. Image verifications are a complete waste of time, 100% waste! How many seconds do we waste trying to not only figure out wtf the captcha image is, unless it's legible you're still wasting seconds of your life that add up and could ultimately be used to multitask elsewhere. Like organizing your vast personal collection of bodily fluids in test tubes - by adding a ladle of fresh mucous to them right now.

3. You. Have. To. Do. It. Every. Freaking. Single. Time. You. Log. In!

4. 90% of the browsers being used support JS for now until users disable it - IE, Fx, Opera, Maxthon, Avant. If you have a script blocker it makes even that much more annoying.

5. More and more bloggers and websites are using this system to protect them from SPAM, and I can’t blame them. Thanks to dickhead spammers and the advent of the spambot, the rules of the internet had to change to try to curb the net clogging jibber jabber these fuck-knuckles spearheaded hand over fist. It can cut down on the spamming a bit. BUT NOT 100%. It also makes users hump through hoops to post legitimate comments on your site. That’s a bad thing. The only thing that ensures really is it's guaranteed to drive away alot of users!

Speaking of jibber jabber... I think Mr. T sums it up. FOOL!

Take heed spammers and for the love of the internet gawds simply...


Anonymous said...

Image verif sucks if you had it i wouldn't have bothered commenting

Anonymous said...

Captcha pisses me offcurse the spammers curse them all!!

Anonymous said...

Die captcha!!

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