Bowling With Jesus

Today I came across a new group discussion by pointlessbanter at about the amount of religious fervor on the site and the web as a whole, this one was aptly titled Jesus Christ.
Which was followed this afternoon by The Removal of Religious Topics from BlogCatalog Discussions posted by NINE. Damn censorship! That's a shame as there were some good points raised so far. But who needs all the hostility?

Life is fun, I'm going bowling with Jesus.

That's hot. I didn't know Jesus even liked bowling...

I still think religious fundamentalism/fanaticism is a mental disorder. Just look at George W. Bush, Osama Bin Laden or Tom Cruise.

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Examine the statistics for yourself;

Search Results 1 - 10 of about 48,200,000 for religion V. Search Results 1 - 10 of about 49,100,000 for humor on Google groups? I think that says people are looking for laughs more than they are spiritual enlightenment. Aren't the two kind of intertwined?

Who knows, maybe the path to enlightenment are laughs? I don't see how being so uptight or narrow-minded about a belief system is going to make things any better in the world. Nor is censorship in the name of "being afraid of offending anyone". It just influences people to think they are better than others.

On that note: People looking for the ultimate truth on Google groups are a bunch of poopy farty pants.


Anonymous said...

"nobody f's with the jesus."

I'm religious, but I wouldn't consider myself fundamentalist or fanatical.

Tom Cruise, George Bush, and Osama Bin Laden scare the shit out of me. :)

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