LOLcats Prepare to Meet RIPdogs

The LOLcats finally have met their match and subsequent doom!
If you are unfamiliar with LOLcats click the links and shown is an example

Lolcats Funny Pictures - I Can Has Cheezburger?

Apparently it doesn't stop with just cats. Trilobites, turtles, gators and other animals are all inclusive.

But no one until now has done this with dogs!

Andy Fanton, creator of the Gaup came along & has decided to end the illustrious career of the LOLcats! Meet the RIPdogs gaup: doing the dirty on the chests of the famous.

I created these RIPdogs for inclusion, now throw these hounds on the bandwagon.

RIPdogs will ultimately overtake the LOLcats and become the newest internet fad. RIPdogs forever!


Anonymous said...

There must be some truth in what you say, Static.

I found out about these RIPdogs on the Interweb, so it must be true.

Static said...

There may be some truth... or it may just be hype. But that's how the lolcats started I presume, with copious amounts of hype and people posting them on internet forums.

Soon RIPdogs will be used by forum posters who want unique threadbombs for their trolling habits.

Ahhh, internet. LULZ.

Unknown said...

Much to my relief, the eulogists for the RIP Dogs appear to be able to spell significantly better than the LOL Cats.

In fact, my Grammar Nazi friends and I have been wanting an LOL Cat SpellChecker for some time. :)

Thanks for the visit, Static! Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Now if we could just see some dead lolcats!

Anonymous said...

RIPdogs ARE brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Not too shabby, I gotta say...

Anonymous said...

There are Loldogs yanno. I've heard of them

Static said...

Who is this "Yanno" you speak of?

And once again mr. smartypants, of course everyone has seen a LOLdog or two before. But they aren't as popular as LOLcats or LOLruses, now are they?

Besides, this article was about RIPdogs not LOLdogs. Now for my next article about CORNdogs... care to argue with me in advance about that one?

Now shoo fly, your cookies are burning.


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