RIPdogs Prepare to Meet RIPlolcats

Andy Fanton's sensation, the RIPdogs have seen their day. Like any internet fad they had their five minutes of fame and people grew tired of them. The internet was quoted as saying,

R u guyz serisly JUS now finding out about LOLcats n RIPdogs?
rofl I don understand y everythin has 2 b spelled rong, itz rather annoying.
RIPdogs already a passed phase, so u can haves them now, if you’d like.
We don’t want them anymore! U loze at Internet. RIPlolcats haz win.



Did I read that correctly?! RIPlolcats haz win! Sorry Andy. Meet my newest creation the RIPlolcats.

One day soon we can bring back RIPdogs with the "moment before it happened" shots like this.


Don't get me started on the RIPloldogs or those damned LOLruses.


rxvenomqueen said...

The picture of the dog ready to choke on his nuts is hilarious! I'd hate to see what happened the second AFTER that picture was taken! Nice blog page! It's a riot!

Anonymous said...

Oh! Think you can take on the might of the RIPdogs, do you?

That's it, sunshine. You have declared dead animal WAR!

Static said...

Hey the internet doesn't lie. People want RIPlolcats. So it's a "dead" animal photoshop duel then?

Anonymous said...


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