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Are you a reality t.v. fan? You might have missed the reunion episode of 'Flavor of Love 3' wherein Flavor Flav kicks the winner, Thing 2 (great nickname) to the curb, and proposes to the mother of his SEVENTH child. Oh, nah he din't. Oh, yes he did, girlfriend! See fo' yo-selfs!

I think I just vomited a little. I'm surprised someone hasn't been shot on any reality t.v. shows yet. Because in my opinion that's the way it appears reality t.v. is headed. You know some of these "contestants" one day are going to get so pissed off that might actually happen. Sorry to say, but I'm not a fan of reality t.v., I think it's the downfall of humanity and the continuing decline of modern civilization.

It's bad enough "reality t.v." puts dysfunction, stupidity and ignorance in the limelight. And although it's good for some laughs on occasion, as far as how worse off your life could be. The scary thing to me is, people who watch these, mostly teens who need more appropriate role models as they develop important social skills to prepare them for real life, there are also some adults who think shows like this are a model for real life and watch every episode they can. Their brains soaking up the televised miasma of modern soap operas, infecting their minds with the disease of reality t.v. for the sake of mind-numbing entertainment.

reality t.v.

These shows aren't anywhere close to being an actual model for reality. When was the last time your reality looked like the latest "reality" t.v. series?

What would make reality t.v. REAL?! Let's see, perhaps a bunch of homeless people getting rolled by the police in L.A., or a family torn apart by infidelity, maybe follow the life of an average ordinary citizen who does nothing particularly interesting in their day to day activities, a janitor scrubbing toilets or a housewife who has to pick up after her lazy household? Maybe an entire series made of surveillance camera clips?

Many civilizations throughout history ended up destroying themselves with pure unadulterated hedonism. Looks like we are nearing the pinnacle again. I hate to think when we are all gone and distant future generations are doing archaeological digs they might accidentally discover our reality t.v. shows.

Now before you say "Static, don't be hatin'!" think about this...

Take a television show based on a bunch of ignorant people that have TONS of baggage, a predisposition towards dysfunctional behavior often including violence. Mix in several parts alcohol, immaturity, sexual innuendo, and silly contests. Then pit all these people against one another by forcing them to share the same home and "love interest" and see who beats whom (literally sometimes), all in the proposed setting that these persons are competing for the "love" (money, free ride on the coattails of fame) of one washed-up celebrity on a cable television network. Doesn't that seem just a little sick to you? I certainly don't pay my cable bill to watch this shit. But apparently lots of people do, just so they can see Jerry Springer rejects dry hump a fire hydrant like a dog in heat and beat each other into bloody pulps instead of getting therapy. Essentially coming across as a society of mindless chimps flinging poo and engaging in other primitive behaviors. Is that how we really want to be remembered?

bret michaels reality

As for Flavor, he basically had three shows that gave him 60+ chances more than he would have normally had at getting laid, likely propagating several more illegitimate children in the process and getting his name out there again before he popped the question to a mother of one of his many children. Seven kids man? The guy seems like he has the mental development of a 12-year-old child. My prediction is; in six months a new series - 'Flavor of Love 4'.

Flav's yo daddy
Flav demonstrates to kids about how to make babies.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Hmm. They seem as real as court jesters to me.

GetSmartGal said...

I was a little scared when I saw that video that you were a fan or something...should have known better! (Whew) Now I am going to admit I watch Top Chef but only to remind me why I don't go in the kitchen.. :D :D

Anonymous said...

I could not stand Flavs show but I'm finding tila tequila is growing on me

Anonymous said...

I've never watched one of these programs, but from the commercials I totally agree with you...hmmmm. On the other hand I wouldn't be complainin' if someone paid me to be filmed driving through Starbuck's drive-thru 3 times a day. It's a tough reality! I almost always lose my change on the asphalt whilst handing it to the lady in the window, and I usually manage to spill on my blouse. Hmmm. Perhaps, more money could be made by a lawsuit. Now, that would be a reality show!

Soge shirts said...

People with giant clocks and viking helmets are great role models for kids. How dare you mock the flav? He's just trying to create an army of odd wacky magnetically drawn to trashy women babies.

Anonymous said...

Flav is god (of marsupial nipples)!!

charro said...

ay ay ay mi asno duele!

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