Semiotic Retardology

Lost critter.
lost cat

Seeing the dentist in a foreign country means getting screwed.
international dentistry

Imagine the pain.
Imagine the pain

Seriously... Imagine the pain.
cardio dick boxing

Everyone wants a 0% off sale.
0% off sale

Nice. If you're into that. Just don't call him Shirley.
Strange Ad

Just kidding. Sorry about your total loss!
Just kidding sign

Hmm, and all this time I thought these people were ACTUALLY homeless.
Work 4 food ad

Can't talk to a psycho like a normal human being.
Very funny sign

A collection of really bad ads. What were they thinking?
Really bad ads

Interesting concept, funny what fish are lured in by,
but I wouldn't buy any bait here if I were you.
lol sign

Click on and enlarge this ad,
have a look on the right side of the page for the sale on pineapples.
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Sully Sullivan said...

The Master Baiter one I've seen before. Actually the picture I have is of the store front and their tag line is written across one of the windows..."We won't jerk you around". Priceless, although I think they're aware of the innuendos.

The dentist one is just perfect. Gotta love the foreign signs and logos.

Dexter Francois said...

What's up Static. Good Stuff. Just checking up on you. Hope all is good. Blessings!

GetSmartGal said...

That was great,thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Someone was actually trying to sell used toilet paper?

Anonymous said...

I think the ferret takes the cake.

You mean to tell me that there are people, out there that don't know what a friggin' ferret looks like?


Unknown said...

Aw, poor Tyler-- his parents were SO excited to see the papers were doing a feature on his deer and then WHAT was immortalized for all time?

Tyler, however, probably brought it to school to show all his friends. He became EXTREMELY popular for his unique ability to produce venison. :)

Static said...

Sully Sullivan - I actually had seen the Master Baiter sign a long time ago also, but the inspiration to post about it was overwhelming for me.

Dexter - I am doing good! How are things with you? Captured any wild turtles lately? I hope all is well with you and the tortoise.

Bridget - You are always welcome.

Ook - Apparently, yes. Although I doubt there were any buyers.

Jinksy - Actually I believe that is an opossum, not a ferret. I hope people know what an opossum looks like, because they can be quite vicious, but are also known for playing dead if they can't win a fight. I hear they make a tasty stew.

Jenn - Yes, poor Tyler "butt" Cannon. But I have to say I feel more for the deer. Can you imagine being shat out of a person much less a child?

pixiemadison said...

Those are too funny!! I still can't get over those ads. Selling a partially eaten turkey? wtf? And used toilet paper?

Great blog btw!!

Static said...

Hi pixie! It's a revolting idea to think what people will try to or think they can sell. I'm putting up my dirty socks on eBay... just to see if there are any takers, then I can say it's revolting what people will BUY.


Thanks for the compliment!

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