Need A Lift?

Having thoughts about cosmetic surgery? Keep these in your wallet for quick reference.

plastic surgery gone wrong

joan rivers facelift

face-lift clip

rejected face lift


If those don't deter you this will

Joan Van Ark
Image Hosted by

Joan Van Ark after plastic surgery

40 to 80 in just under 6 seconds...


Chelle Blögger said...

Ha! I love the "Your body has rejected your face lift" one.

It reminds me of the Far Side, which I miss, dammit! :)

Gorilla Bananas said...

Whatever happened to the idea of rejuvenating your face with an electric current, as in the movie Holy Man?

Static said...

Chelle - I liked the Far Side too! Gary Larson has given me alot of inspiration. And you know it's hard when your body rejects your face, like mine has. =(

Mr. Bananas - I think that idea was replaced with do-it-yourself botox injections on the Home Shopping Network. But if you harass a police officer enough you might be able to have the procedure done for free with his taser.

Handledancer said...

Man, most face lifts look pretty rotten and even worse when people go get them from some hack who has no idea what he's doing. When celebs go overboard with it the result is usually bad as well. Probably one of the least subtle ways of plastic surgery I'd say.

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