Ask Static: Part Duh


Do you really look like that? Is that your hair? My what big eyes you have, are they yours? By the looks of your avatar you seem like you need medication... Well, do you? (etc. etc. ad infinitum)

Since I became a member of the BlogCatalog community, many users at have been asking me if my avatar is truly a picture of me.

Although I can only aspire to be as handsome, as charming, and as enthusiastic looking as that fine fellow is, I cannot take complete credit for it. The image in my avatar is in fact, the one and only, Arsenio Hall. My avatar is from a film clip that he had a brief appearance in which is called 'Amazon Women on the Moon', a 1987 film written by comedy duo Michael Barrie and Jim Mulholland.

And if you aren't familiar with this movie you must rent it, borrow it, steal it, trade your first-born child for it, whatever you need to do to see it. It's a spoof 1950's sci-fi movie, interspersed with various comedy sketches. Sounds like something I'd be into huh? It's actually really funny! One of my favorite films.

Arsenio stars at the very beginning of the movie, and seems to be having a really bad day. We can all relate to that right? Well, maybe not in this way so much...

Since I have so far, unsuccessfully, set-up a visual for you, let's have a more detailed look at that shall we? Be patient as you have to deal with the introductory credits, trust me it gets better.

Arsenio Hall in Amazon Women on the Moon

So as you can see, with great regret and sorrow I must admit that is not me. Or is it? Maybe it is. I'll never tell. In the event that it's not me I assume I have let down all those folks that find my avatar outrageously funny, that I must be the illegitimate son of boxing promoter Don King and a pencil top troll,

+ trolling = ME.

and/or that I must be a complete madman... okay that last part is possibly true.

Or maybe it's not? =P I'm off to take my meds now.

dr. evil


Sully Sullivan said...

If it's worth anything, I never thought that was you.

Static said...

Threio - I guess you'll have to try them and find out for yourself.
Trust me I am a very young 107, ha ha actually I am older than that, 107 was the highest the site would allow so I've in fact shaved some years off my real age.
And none of you have dumbass questions. Except that last one you just asked. =P

Jeannette E. Spaghetti - Good to know what I'm dealing with. I appreciate your straight forwardness.

Rich - I AM the bald guys little finger. And all I can say is, eww.

Sully Sullivan - That is worth something. So would you like that $50 we agreed upon for you saying that, in pennies? Now or later?

Anonymous said...

I like the theme's real cool..and I'm googling that movie now...(thinks)

hmnn movie or gas or gas...** its hot out side I'm gettin the flick**...pz

Unknown said...

Arsenio! AH! I thought it was some Don King impersonator in Vegas. Or the new Young Frankenstein, (or Froederick Frahnkensteen depending on how you want to pronounce it) the stage version. :)

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