If They Were Called...

What if Michael Jacksons songs had "in my pants" added to the end of them?
Well, that's just what Krapsody has answered!

Oh golly, these are BAD (no pun intended)...

P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) in my pants [Michael Jackson]
Just Good Friends in my pants [Michael Jackson]
Another Part Of Me in my pants [Michael Jackson]
Man In The Mirror in my pants [Michael Jackson]
I Just Can't Stop Loving You in my pants [Michael Jackson]
Give In To Me in my pants [Michael Jackson]
Will You Be There in my pants [Michael Jackson]
The Man in my pants [Michael Jackson]
Who Is It in my pants [Michael Jackson]
In The Closet in my pants [Michael Jackson]
Is It Scary in my pants [Michael Jackson]
Scream in my pants [Michael Jackson]
They Don't Care About Us in my pants [Michael Jackson]
Stranger In Moscow in my pants [Michael Jackson]
This Time Around in my pants [Michael Jackson]
Money in my pants [Michael Jackson]
Come Together in my pants [Michael Jackson]
You Are Not Alone in my pants [Michael Jackson]
Childhood in my pants [Michael Jackson]
Tabloid Junkie in my pants [Michael Jackson]
Little Susie in my pants [Michael Jackson]
Whatever Happens in my pants [Michael Jackson]
Heartbreaker in my pants [Michael Jackson]
The Way You Love Me in my pants [Michael Jackson]
Butterflies in my pants [Michael Jackson]
2000 Watts in my pants [Michael Jackson]
One More Chance in my pants [Michael Jackson]
Love Never Felt So Good in my pants [Michael Jackson]
Trouble in my pants [Michael Jackson]
The Lost Children in my pants [Michael Jackson]
Smooth Criminal in my pants [Michael Jackson]

Anyone else notice a pattern in his songs?... creepy, it's almost like they were meant to be titled that way.

In other MJ news;
MJ in an interview last week with Krapsody reporter, Willy Whacker, asked Michael about his scandals and gave us these snippets, "I asked Michael if he still slept with children. Michael sighed wistfully and once again stated he no longer has children sleep in his room. 'However', Michael said, 'that doesn't mean I can't have children sleep with me in the family room, the den, the kitchen, the hallways, the stairs, the entertainment room, and of course....the bathroom! Heeheeehee!' He gleefully giggled, just before his nose fell off."

And in yet more MJ news;
Jacko bought a time machine yesterday and traveled back to 1973 where he cornered a young Michael Jackson and persuaded the boy into giving himself, the King Of Pop a hummer!

"Hum Along And Dance in my pants"

Man, MJ still has alot of explainin' to do.


Gorilla Bananas said...

I don't think old Michael Jackson would be attracted to young Michael Jackson. Those song titles are uncanny - it's obvious that someone edited the final three words out of all of them. There must be a pants-hater in his entourage.

Anonymous said...

"Smooth Criminal in my pants [Michael Jackson]"

Predict 12 Grammies and a run on hand lotion at the supermarket!

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson Is an evergreen celebrity.I like him very much.

Static said...

Mr. Bananas - I think Michael is attracted to himself period. There are pants-haters in his entourage, they all have Peter Pan Syndrome.

Threio - That's why cubic zirconia studded gloves and KY jelly have done so well in sales since 'Thriller'.

Baccarat Forums - Wow, you are quite the little troll aren't you.
I should have guessed from your other comments that you worship Michael Jackson. Did he personally tell you to say that after he touched you in your "special place"?

Your comments are nothing short of a tedious, homogenised, chameleon-esque scribble which amounts to nothing more than the demented cacophonous racket of a drugged lunatic banging loudly on kitchen pots and pans. A festering discharge from a leper's rectum in Calcutta. Do the decent thing for once in your life and choke on your horse-size anti-insanity pill, you baboon-raping Bashi-bazouk.

It is my profound wish that you shall be kissed by the front of a speeding train, you cheap Internet harpy. Now begone or I shall taunt you a fourth time.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I never knew all of Michael Jackson's songs would sound so sexy if you added "in my pants" to the end of them. It's turning me on thinking about Stranger in Moscow in my Pants. Mmmmm

Ms. O. D. said...

Mr. ~Static~ you are wicked! Tres wicked! LOL!

Has anyone tried translating any one of the these posts, using the translate buttons on the sidebar? :)

Sully Sullivan said...

Yeah well Michael jackson is a sick man. Nice idea with the adding "in my pants" to the end of all his songs. brilliant.

Thinkinfyou said...

My son who is 11 loves Michael Jackson's music and it scares the hell out of me! I try to keep him away from it, like I would hot stoves,knives,electrical outlets and wood chippers.

Static said...

Sara - Just so long as the mention of 'Childhood in my pants' doesn't get you all hot 'n bothered I think we're ok. It's all good.

Ms. Derange - Yes I am. Huh, what, oh right. Anyway, you gave me a great idea for an upcoming post. Thanks for the inspiration. DON'T GO GIVING ME ANY OTHER IDEAS. ROFL!

Sully - Thanks. I thought the idea was quite fitting, like a tight pair of parachute pants. Hee Hee! (grabs crotch)

ThinkinFYou - MJ's music is deliberately aimed at kids, so you have plenty of reasons to beware of him, much like a nuclear winter any exposure can cause irreversible damage...

Static said...

Ms. Derange - A brief look at Krapsody translated into turkish;

Anonymous said...

How cans u say those things about meeez and Michael J?! This is travesty noes!

Static said...

Jesus Howard Christ in a snow-white jumpsuit with lightening bolts shooting out his Bow-legged swamp donkey!

Your value doesn't even amount to 3 grams of bottled syphilitic whore spit. Why would I care what your ill-begotten problem is?

Do yourself and everyone else a favor fercrissakes: cover yourself in honey and headbutt a beehive, you rectal rim-polishing runt with a patented Twist N' Tuck tongue technique.

Now go away, or I shall taunt you yet a FIFTH time you weasel-licking knob jockey.

Static said...

Alex - It is or should be well known by now that MJ has some issues.

Don't feed the trolls, flame them over an active volcano after marinating in napalm and jet fuel and a quick dip into a deep fat fryer...


Renée Hand said...

You definitely forgot

Beat It in my pants

Come on, Static. Jeez.

but i have to admit, 'Will You Be There in my pants' is sublime.

Static said...

Renee - Awesome job! I knew I was forgetting one. How could I forget that one... that's right, I was drinking heavily that day.
No not really. But it sounded like a good excuse.

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