This Is Friggin' Hilarious


Baby Commended After Posting
"How To Make A Teen Fly"
Child Abuse Video On You Tube

- Article & video courtesy of Krapsody

Desoto, Georgia
A 16-year-old Lee County teenager who had been arrested and charged with felony cruelty to a child after posting a video on YouTube, demonstrating how to "Make A Baby Fly", has received sentencing yesterday which was handed down by Judge Judy who stated the teen boy shall be at the mercy of the baby he inflicted mental cruelty and intent to cause physical injury to.

Judge Judy had the final word when it came to her lightening speed sentencing which has led to a whole new media circus revolving around the baby's decision and statement to make his own YouTube video later that afternoon. That entire video is no longer posted on the YouTube website, however the best footage was edited and reposted this morning which shows excerpts of the baby's tutorial on "How To Make A Teen Fly" has been making it's rounds all over the internet, the baby gleefully posted.

In that video, the baby orders the teen to be tarred and feathered then stuffed head first into a cannon with several tons of ripe watermelons at a local circus event hosted by Barnum-Bailey-Ringling-Seigfried & Roy Bros, then launched the poor bastard who barely weighs in at 92 lbs., head over feet, across the tent - landing on a goose down pillow, oh the irony!

Paparazzi reports of the teen afterwards stated he had shat his pants, was crying with a snot bubble popping in and out of one of his nostrils between his sobs, and wondering why he was getting all this publicity. The camera flashes apparently blinded him as he inadvertently walked into a tigers cage amidst all the confusion.

The tigers were instantly curious about the teen boy as they had no experience with any other humans other than their trainer and the select few persons who fed them. Of course one tiger was much too interested and snapped the teens head off his body like it was a grape on a vine.

Warning this is graphic and is only a re-enactment!

tony the tiger

"It was terrible," said Lee County Sheriff, Harold Breeden. "I can't believe a tiger could do something like that!"

"I guess he found out it's not so darned funny after the baby and that hungry tiger got through with him," said Sheriff Breeden. "He'll think twice, uhhh maybe three times, next time you know, about how funny it was."

Funeral services will be held at the Desoto city dump on Thursday. Attendance numbers are expected to be few or possibly nonexistent.

It's rumored that the boy behind the camera is still facing the same charges and punishment as his late friend. More to come on this breaking news story.


Anonymous said...

OMG, you and Tigger Too! LMAO! Great post!

Soge shirts said...

lmao brilliant sir. I needed that laugh.

Alex Mcone said...

"I can't believe a tiger could do something like that!"

Ha,Ha ... side-splitting!

Anonymous said...

You are really brave.

Static said...

Threio - Thank you. Tigger however has a bad case of indigestion.

Soges - I think we all did after my last post. Thanks for the compliment.

Alex - Thank you. I believe that cop deserves all the credit for that statement however. He's quite a riot and doesn't know it yet. In fact he's quite brillant and witty for a total idiot.

Baccarat Forums - Thanks for stopping by and offering your opinion. You think I'm brave do you? Not ballsy? As in; I think baccarat is a cheap knock off of a child's card game. Like most things the french invent it is simplistic and strictly a game of chance, with no skill or strategy involved unless you like cheese with your whine. Now piss off with your casino drivel you spineless spamming beret wearing frogtard!

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