Spanish Offensive Ad Has A Basketball Jones

2008 Beijing Olympics Special Report:

Spain's Olympic basketball team recently posed for an advertisement prior to the Games which appears to show all its players slanting their eyes.

spanish special olympics

As an uproar over the picture has grown to epic proportions today. The move to print the ad offended its Olympic hosts in Beijing. The Organization of Chinese-Americans has released multiple statements condemning the picture. The Spanish basketball team took on China this evening, winning 85-75 in overtime. The Chinese crowd did have a message for the Spaniards tonight, booing vigorously during the game.

The ads, for a Spanish courier company, appeared in the Spanish-language newspaper La Marca. The ad was sponsored by a Spanish courier company, Seur Mi Asno. Spain's team, ironically, also is sponsored by Li-Ning Footwear, a Chinese company founded by Li Ning, the final torchbearer who was hoisted along the top of Beijing National Stadium during the Olympic Opening Ceremony finale. The "wardrobe malfunction" where his pants fell off was cut from the broadcast airing of the Opening Ceremony.

La Ning hearing of the news about the offensive photo posed in a retaliation ad. The sponsor is unknown at present time.

La Ning retaliation ad

As the uproar over the picture has grown today, more information about the advertising shot has come to light.

spanish olympic basketball team eye chart

The Spanish Olympic basketball team were allegedly participating in a group eye exam when the candid pic was snapped. In a statement issued by Jose Jalapeno, Spain's Olympic basketball team spokesperson, the entire team is purportedly nearsighted and needed to be fitted for new contact lenses, hence the need for them to squint and push down upon their eyelids with their fingers.

Despite this information another Spanish paper El Mundo has a piece debating whether the ad was deliberately racist that basically calls out the British press for trying to smear Spain's good name, which the word "spain" in britain is commonly used in the expression "it's a 'spain in the arse alright" when referring to anything that is a pain in the arse as such.

But they really have missed the point. Spain's Olympic basketball team simply sucks not only at basketball but at passing a simple eye exam. Sorry China, better luck beating a team of blind Spanish Special Olympic basketball players next time?


Angry_Clown said...

Is there anything funnier then a retardo Spanish basketball team that has a racism problem? If there is I haven't heard of it!

Sully Sullivan said...

This is hilarious. I can't believe it. Probably because it isn't true. Did you just make this up?

Donnie said...

Great stuff. Especially like the "retaliation" ad. Reminds me of my next door neighbor -

Anonymous said...

It was a nice jokes! Great job!

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Static said...

Damo - I know, it's so pathetic. Pranks or jokes like that are pretty ignorant and so 6th grade. I am really surprised their coach didn't think at some point, "wow this just doesn't feel right - maybe we shouldn't do this?".

Equally disturbing is that racism towards asians hasn't received enough of the same criticisms that racist comments towards blacks, jews or latinos have. As far as my mock La Ning "retaliation ad"; I wanted to show the absurdity of racist jokes by not only showing what is politically incorrect but culturally incorrect as well. I suppose a picture of a bullfighter captioned with the word "ole!" would have been a common stereotype associated with spaniards but then that might not have been as ridiculous as a mexican mariachi band or mexican banditos with the caption "[...]no stinking badges!", which is a culturally incorrect stereotype of alot of the spanish speaking world, surprisingly. People are so extremely ignorant here in the U.S. when it comes to this. Latinos and hispanics come in many different colors, varieties and that includes their geographic locations, they don't all share the same culture similarly. The same goes for asians.

How many times must racism be stomped back into the void whence it came never to be heard from again?

Sully - No unfortunately I didn't make it up entirely. The full story can be read

I changed some material to suit my article and to emphasize the humor in this news article. Pretty lame for an Olympic Team to stoop to this level if you ask me.

Don - ["Reminds me of my next door neighbor"]

Do you live next door to Pancho Villa?

Anonymous - Piss off with your spineless drivel you dribbling spamtard, your racist jokes blog should die a slow and painful death.

Anonymous said...

Never trust a man ready to throw a goat from a tall building in the name of ceremony.

As for the coach not clocking on to how wrong this was; well I think the coach of the Spanish football team set the precedent when he referred to Tierry Henry (French footballer) a "black piece of s**t" and kept his job.

Anonymous said...

Lol wut?!

Anonymous said...

I think they were just squinting to see the cameraman...

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