Krapsody's Nottie of the Week™!

You may have already heard of the Hottie of the Week memes many blogs and other websites publish.

But not until now has the internet had the Nottie of the Week™!

That's right, it's a new meme I just created. It's officially trademarked now, and Krapsody has it's own personals and internet dating forum, Krapspot Personals right here at Krapsody - where you can meet a stalker meant for you.

So tune in each week to see the ugliest, most disgusting mugs to grace the pages of anything, anywhere on the planet. Maybe you can meet your match. Only here at Krapsody folks. This should be a perfect Halloween scare!

The first inclusion:
Krapspot Personal - Nottie of the Week, number 1

Anita Mann looks like she is just a bundle of joy. And quite fit for a bucket of turkey vomit. Maybe these ads are normally charged by the word, but I think that "Vile, repulsive, single, with eyes-so-large-and-fish like-and-abnormally-spread-apart-that-sheep-dog-bangs-a-moustache-and-a-cigarette-couldn't-conceal-her-identity..." would be a much more accurate description. Seriously? An Ewok king someplace is gonna be pissed when he finds out that his daughter is peddling herself.

Here' another fantastic idea. Join a free internet dating site, like and create a fake profile.

Be creative, submit a fake picture of the ugliest person alive (or close enuff) snatched from anywhere on the net, create a set of bogus interests and details about "yourself" and then eventually send me the link. I'll take a screen shot and post it here for a Nottie of the Week™ showcase. This should bring about the ultimate lulz, especially if you get responses. Our fiasco could also possibly bring the end to internet dating.

Be an internet meme for Halloween and out-nerd your friends... I'll be posting up my fake profile soon. =D


Gorilla Bananas said...

Would you let her blow you?

Anonymous said...

I would just like to make it clear that Anita Mann is not related to Jeff Mann (my good self) in any way, shape, or form.


Donnie said...

Dat guhl kould suk teh seeman fram meh tesk-tickles big. She hot mama! I eat for brackfest. I luh huh.

Angry_Clown said...

I'd do her and I'm not joking! Fat ugly people need loving to ya know!! I'd also film it and sell it! Does Greenpeace know shes beached?

Shes a real catch hahahaaaaa cause shes as fat as a whale hahahaa get it? Ha do ya and she probably smells like fish hahaaaaaaaaa yeah shes fat.

I have picked up a lot of "roots" threw online dating its actually a good place to find single mothers and fatties!

Angry_Clown said...

Presenting my longest comment EVA! Enjoy!!

Static said...

@Gorilla Bananas - Hell no. I would not even let her touch ME with a ten-foot pole.

@Jeffman - Riiiiight. Me thinks thou dost protest too much..

@Don - I think you two will make a great match! Here's what Anita had to say about your comment, "Don iz jus so hansum, mmm, mmm, lawdy teh tings I wuld do ta him an hiz peenus. i'd nibble his taint oh lawdy lawdy lawdy lawl!"

@Damian - Aww, that's just mean d00d. Whales are people too... =(

eve cleveland said...

I can git y'all a real good price on this one one, Saturdee nite after 2:00am. She's one of our scratch n dent models. 'Nita's has a sweet dispostion, aims to please, great cook, sews her own clothes...To book her, call my son, Won Ton.

Static said...

@Eve - Why thank ya ma'am. Can she do tricks with ping pong balls? k thx bye!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what else you drag up.

And you know that no matter how fugly -- they will have admirers -- depending on how kinky their fake profile is...heheh I may have to do this. *evil snickering

Static said...

@AngieSS - Just how kinky are you exactly?

Anonymous said...

LOL. I'll try this one. My head is already concocting a nasty profile.

Static said...

@Marcuss - I can't wait to see it. Be sure it seems appropriate enough for the online dating community. Otherwise they may become suspicious and freeze the account.

For instance, to say on the profile that some of your interests include subjecting your potential love interests to High School Musical is entirely inappropriate.
However, to say one of your interests is huffing kittens or lighting bottle rockets in your butt, that's perfectly acceptable.

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