Krapsody's Nottie of the Week™ #7!

This Nottie tops the list.

lonely axe murderer

Lonely Butcher Needs Fresh Meat

Hi there! Eddie Durvel here! Resident Axe Murderer!

I'm looking for a lady who likes long walks in the country

Someone shy who maybe doesn't have any friends or family

Likes to hang out in deserted heavy industry warehouses.

Not sporty or into self defence. Likes to give in easily.

Preferably Non-Smoker!

I like long walks and digging.

And of course my large collection of

vicious looking very shiny axes!

Contact me by email

And then wipe all trace of it off your computer

Hope to hear from you soon.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Now if he could just get himself on Death Row he'd have scores of women writing to him and asking for dates.

Cool Papa said...

Nothing like organization when you are preparing to become infamous.

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