Krapsody's Nottie of the Week™ #8!

It's that time again, I know these articles in particular give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Continue reading this trash if you like to throw up a little in your mouth.

This installment of Nottie of the Week™ is all about me. Yes, yours truly has decided after my last post that I really need to get murdered by some skank pushed to the edge of a psychotic break, by being stranded in a trailer in the middle of Nowheresville for over a year without any other human contact but on internet forums and social networking sites like Twitter.

The only problem I am facing with all this is what picture of myself should I include in my ad.

Please review the following photos I have at my disposal, and let me know which one(s) you think are my best (worst).

Might I also add that I've painstakingly chosen from literally hundreds of potential displays of my handsome mug for all to gaze upon. So be sure to thoroughly examine them before making your decision.

Photo One:
A dashing photo of myself taken at the Hamptons. Look at my tremendous physique and what a marvelous tan I have in this photo. I was especially thrilled that I could find a thong bikini that matched my socks.
i'm ready for my closeup mr demille

Photo Two:
Opting for a more pious role. I thought a pose of myself in more chaste attire may be better suited for attracting a schizophrenic religious extremist, or possibly a nun.
Pope Static XVI

Photo Three:
Then again, being the selective individual that I am, maybe a better approach would be to attract some hungry cannibals. Nobody knows the secret recipe, but it's finger lickin' good!
Finger Lickin

Photo Four:
I think it's also important to stress my manliness, what better way than to show that I faced down the fiercest bull in all of Spain.
**as a side note: I ate his testicles after it was over. They were most delicious and potent, I shagged thirteen nymphomaniacs from sunset that evening until sunrise two weeks later to the day.

Photo Five:
Following that train of thought. Here's another photo of me, "the man of steel" saving the world from evil. Right after I flew through an open bathroom window, out the closed living room window, and then through a billboard ad (that's how I lost my boots).
super freak

Enchanting aren't they?

I'll be damned if those pics don't beat the socks off the Tony Awards, and if they don't then I don't know jack. For the time being, please continue to send me your photos so I can continue to cripple your social life!


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Where's the picture with elephants I spotted on Twitpic? Is it missing because it showed your twin sister and that you don't tan evenly? I liked that picture - I miss that picture - WHERE'S THAT PICTURE!!!?!!!

Rich said...

Is it wrong that I am highly aroused?

Anonymous said...

I go for Photo No. 2 because I haven't visited here very often and you seem like such a religious person. Yes, definitely, No. 2.

Anonymous said...

I would also go with number two. You're clearly a man of love and understanding, as is Pope Benedict the Nazi.

Cool Papa said...

The Jock did it for me, you are so damn sexy!

Julio said...

~Static~ invented a unique sexual position called the "electric boogaloo," which consists of ~Static~, a metal kitchen utensil (preferably a fork) and a toaster (plugged-in, of course). So far, 7 lucky individuals have undergone the electric boogaloo, but none have lived to tell of its unimaginable pleasure!!!

surveygirl46 said...

It's hard for me to BELIEVE that you've BECOME each character you're portraying in each of your photo's because in evey one of them the expression on your face screams "Where's my dope BITCH, I ain't HIGH ENUF YET!" However with the Preacher character it rather fits and is highly believable....(I love all of them you should use them ALL and interchange them kinda like an endless loop or slide show)

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