Messin' with Mel Gibson

FLIPPING through the newspapers (bah! Who am I KIDDING? Printed media is dead. It's all electronic media today) - and it's provided me with an opportunity to reflect upon on something I don’t think I've pondered much since I stopped grappling with essay deadlines about the motivation of doomed literary characters

And not too far removed are the motivations of doomed actors. The question that I am pondering now is: Is Mel Gibson stark raving mad?

Emancipate Your Mind from Mental Slavery

The world's not quite there yet. Maybe it's too difficult for most to wrap their minds around. But then again, maybe they'd be more apt to follow another similar, simpler philosophy. Such as, "Free your mind and your ass will follow."

Photo link: © Elly Snell All Rights Reserved

The Days of Borsch and Vodka

Perestroika big destroyer! Пожалуйста?!

Remember this? It's so naughty, it's Cosmonauty.

Listening to:
The Beatles "Back In The USSR"

Interview with the Stampire

On my birthday a couple weeks ago (June 24), I sat down with my old buddy Kelly, aka 7masterheathen, writer for Psycho Carnival, and drank to celebrate another year that has passed. Boy, did we drink. It was only 9 am, but who cares? Kelly asked me to tell my epic life story: love, betrayal, loneliness, hunger and thirst. To be honest, I never knew what life was until it ran out in a red gush over my lips, my hands! So THIRSTY. So HUNGRY. Drinking certainly gives ya the munchies. I could barely keep myself from feeding on everyone in the bowling alley.

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