Messin' with Mel Gibson

FLIPPING through the newspapers (bah! Who am I KIDDING? Printed media is dead. It's all electronic media today) - and it's provided me with an opportunity to reflect upon on something I don’t think I've pondered much since I stopped grappling with essay deadlines about the motivation of doomed literary characters

And not too far removed are the motivations of doomed actors. The question that I am pondering now is: Is Mel Gibson stark raving mad?

Possibly. The media would have you believe so. And if so, has he always been mad; and it’s only now the whole glamorous affair has run aground - the spinning wheels stuck in the mire, splattering a handful of grunting helpers shoving away at the back of the stuck vehicle with muck and slime while everyone else stands around, gawking and pointing and shouting unhelpful advice?

Did he start off quite sensible, (if a bit over-awed by cheesey marketing manuals and motivational seminars), and have his head spun by the giddy heights of power? Or was he always bonkers?

Maybe he's just getting in touch with his primal side. In short, young, outdoorsy guys (and gold-digging bimbos with fake tits) steal their courage with a few bites of beef jerky before they play common practical jokes on North America's undiscovered great ape, Mel Gibson, who is known for his practical jokes..but he reacts with primal chagrin and hilarity ensues.

TV should be his next career...hopefully a reality TV show starring Mel as himself acting out his real life drama. Since he was dumped by William Morris, I volunteer myself as his agent and am entertaining offers on his behalf. Here's one idea I have for a reality show:

Who's Your God Now, Mel Gibson?

Any takers?

More fun with Mel:


Gorilla Bananas said...

There's nothing great about that naked ape. It could be the male menopause.

Stela James said...

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Kelly said...

Funny post, Static.

Yeah, ol' Mel is losing his friggin' marbles these days. I remember thinking way back when, during his "Road Warrior" and "Braveheart" years, he was kinda cool. Nowadays, I believe he needs to be sedated indefinitely or lobotomized for his past and present comments. Especially about Jewish people. Maybe they could nail him to a cross or something. lol.

The media is certainly hyping up everything Gibson says or does, as they usually do with all celebrities. You would think or hope they would focus their interest on something more important but, eh, that's the way they normally do business. How tiresome and repetitive they've become.

The Wolf said...

Yeah he's a fucking loon, though I bet if he did another Mad Max movie people would think he's cool again. Well some people that is, people who never say the first 3 Mad Max movies. People who are 34 and live in their parents basement eat popcorn and play with G.I. Joes still, would think he's cool. And probably the prostitute who works down the alley from my place would give ole' Mel a "special" discount. Other then that they should lock him away on some remote island.

Static said...

@ Banana Gorillas: LOL..YES! I think it may be the male menopause. Good call, mate. Seems more plausible than bipolar disorder, drugs and/or alcohol, and/or the recent blows to his career pushing him over the edge. But then it could all be a factor.

Static said...

@ Stela James: Really, you found THIS krap interesting? You. seriously. need. help. Please check yourself into the nearest emergency mental health clinic at your earliest convenience and request a double dose of STFU and GTFO. kthxbai!

Static said...

@ Kelly: Meh..I don't know that it's all that funny..not like funny "ha ha"..or "funny like I amuse you like I'm a freakin' clown" funny..but:...I suppose it has a chuckle value. ?

Hearing that Mel stated a number of years ago that he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and has had problems with substance abuse (drinking alcohol), I can honestly say that having had a bipolar father myself, I experienced his unmedicated mania and subsequent psychoses on a regular basis. That kind of behavior is not far fetched for the disorder.

It could be quite scary until I learned what the triggers were, and what the patterns of behavior were. It was like clockwork..and it was usually around the holidays that my dad became manic.

To make matters worse, like many persons with mental disorders, he self-medicated for many years before I was born...mostly with scotch liquor and since he was a dentist/oral surgeon, I wouldn't doubt there were pharmacological agents involved there too. These of course were factors in his mental health as they are in anyone suffering from the disorder.

So no doubt, mental health issues themselves, or the people experiencing them are not funny per se, but if we cannot find humor in such things then how do we find relief from all the tension and heal from it?

If we can't laugh at ourselves, who can? Well, someone obviously will. But why let them have the upper hand and make fun of you or something you are experiencing that isn't entirely within your control? Take back your power, I say. Satires is teh pwnage.

Everyone of us; we look around and realize, with perfectly rational brains, that we live in an extremely dangerous, scary fucking world, run by all kinds of forces over which we have no control, and we're all gonna get older and sicker and die...or worse yet, lose our god damn minds. That's the way it works, biologically. It's a scary thing. And if we can't react to that in some way that allows us to release the fear and the anxiety that that realization comes along, we're in deep trouble. So we laugh. Nervously. That's real self-consciousness and rationalization.

If we did not have these defense mechanisms in place we would all be laadeefrickingdah crazy batfuck insane lunatics. It's very true in my profession..ask anyone in the medical field how often they have to crack a god damn joke just to stay sane and bring reality back down to earth so that it becomes something easier to swallow and digest..absorbing so much illness on a daily basis could, would even make the most cheerful person absolutely depressed if they let it get a hold of them.

So, to everyone, I implore: LAUGH god dammit. Life is too short not to. It certainly is a helluva lot less painful in the longrun. =)

Static said...

@ The Wolf: I don't know if he's a loon...a tad hysterical perhaps...maybe a bit worked up...a lil upset. I think he's got a lot going on that he can't, or isn't handling very well right now. Such as..Oh, I dunno...EVERYTHING.

I loved Mad Max frankly, and to me Mel Gibson will always be quintessentially cool.

Just because I am 34+ and live in my dead parents basement, eating popcorn, cheese doodles, and playing with G.I. Joes (in my underwear) still think he's cool...I'll just let that image sink in for a minute.......

And just because I am watching that prostitute who works down the alley from your place giving Mel the "special" discount I PAID FOR doesn't mean I don't know what I'm talking about. Knowhaddimean, home fry?

Kelly said...

Kurt Vonnegut quotes...

Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward

Humor is an almost physiological response to fear.

Well, the telling of jokes is an art of its own, and it always rises from some emotional threat. The best jokes are dangerous, and dangerous because they are in some way truthful.

I brought these quotes to your attention, in regards to what you were saying about laughter and defense mechanisms, of which I fully agree and engage in, myself. Hell, you can tell that just by checkin' out my site. Which, by the way, you haven't checked out, yourself, for a while, big boy. heh heh. I've reached a milestone or landmark, of sorts, recently.


Btw, that Stela James is somethin' else. (spam) I think she finds, from what I've seen on other's sites, every blog she comes across is 'a very interesting read'. Not very discriminative, is she? lol.

No, I didn't know that about Mel or about your father. In the words of the great Stela... 'This has been a very interesting read'. Only I truly mean it. I imagine it was incredibly hard for you growing up with a parent with Bi-Polar and drug/alcohol problems. Perhaps that, plus other factors, have contributed to your ability to create humor for the masses on the InterNutz. My own father had, and still does, to a certain degree, verbally abuses my sister and I, attempting to make us feel like complete shits even while we're doing our best to take care of him. That, to an uncertain degree, has certainly contributed to my Major Depression disorder.

But, like you said, more or less, and I've said before, you gotta use laughter and humor to break free of those emotional chains in order to retain your sanity. If you don't, nothing good will come from it. In fact, as I've found out, those chains can slowly kill you.

Cheery, aren't I? lol.

Take care, Static

Kelly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kelly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kelly said...

In case you're wondering, I deleted those last two comments because they were repeats. Every time I tried to submit it the original, a screen popped up and would say "bad request, try again". So I did. Then, lo and behold, you had 3 of my same dang comments on your comment board. Freakin' frustrating. I didn't know if you were curious about that or not. :)

Static said...

@ Kelly: Yeah, I've been pretty busy lately, literally, and haven't been by anyone's blogs in a couple weeks. Apologies. In fact, I'm rarely able to follow on a regular basis, much less visit, anyone's blogs very closely...including my OWN. Hello! How many articles have I posted lately? Not many. So don't take it personally. =)

And if there's something in particular that you wrote you would like to direct my attention to, please feel free to email or post the link here for me. In the meantime, I'll pop over briefly to see what's up in your neck of the woods.

Vonnegut had some good points in those quotes. His life experiences, especially those during WWII as a POW were probably very difficult ones that he reflected upon throughout his life which inspired quotes such as those.

Back to Mel, I want to clarify that I don't think he's cool for threatening or abusing anyone in his life..if in fact that is the case. If he's angry he needs to deal with it in a more constructive manner. If he has a problem with substance abuse he needs to deal with it. If he's mentally ill then he needs to get help. He needs a good support system. And only those closest to him can do that. It's not okay for anyone to treat others that way. We don't really know what's going on in Mel's life. But I hope he pulls through it. =)

Now about that reality TV show idea....

Top Twenty Lists said...

LOL and Gorilla Bananas comment :)

Static said...

@ Top Twenty Lists: LOL! ANOTHER Top Twenty List blog?! lol just lol you is funny.

Static said...

@ Olivia: What did she do to that poor man? Well, I don 't rightly know...I don't know that anyone REALLY does. I have a few suspicions that Oksana is just another gold digging bimbo. But to let her piss you off that much and then leak the recording? C'mon. Not good (for several reasons).
a) It makes him look like an ass...which..maybe he is anyway. Or maybe they both need medication.
b) Recording a phone conversation is illegal in most states without disclosing that you are recording the conversation. Chances are he's gonna sue.
c) Shows how desperate one is for attention and (since it's a celebrity) -> publicity!
d) Airing out your dirty laundry and a public display of how dysfunctional your relationship was/is for everyone to see never goes well...especially for the children.

That's for reals, bitches.

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Static said...

Oh hai! Wut a great blog i has heres.
Please to take a hike splogger.
Waste time i will not. Teh ansor to ur kweschun iz..NOes.

Stela James said...

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Static said...

@ Stela James: Your spam for your splogger site is a typical "work from home" cut 'n paste operation.

You have been spamming blog comment sections from ISP address, Blazenet Pvt. Ltd in Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India.

Cease and desist or we will will report you to your ISP, and also to Blogger, Wordpress, and Blog Catalog to remove your account, profile and pages for abuse. Blogger has already removed one of your blogs. Don't believe me? Keep pushing your luck. Good day.

LOBO said...

Static, do ya like football? The HBFFL (a humor-blogger fantasy league) is recruiting for next season (starts roughly 1st week in September, and a link to the multi-authored "blog" is below.)

The football is completely secondary to trash-talk and comedy, so don't let the "I've never done it before" thing get in the way ... I didn't even LIKE football in 2009, and now I'm full-tilt.

It's a lot of fun, and I think you might fit in nicely ... plus there's all the cross-promotion which never hurts.

If you're interested, e me at carpenoctum at; I'll hook you up w/our Commish -the guy from


Static said...

@SnarquisDeSade (LOBO): Also not a big fan of "football"...any sport that includes -

1) annoying commercials every 3 seconds
2) annoying sports announcers making redundant statements every .02 seconds
3) shitty snack foods to go along with said sport that hardly ever includes the "foot" in football
4) overpaid jocks in tights spanking each other on the butts countless times
5) butt slaps followed up with chest butts, and occasional hugging and you have a sport that makes prancing around a maypole look like Street Fighter

I swear; the only reason that these athletes have to wear mouth guards is to keep them from making out with each other on the field.

Then to add to all this, there are bigots out there who you will find raving about football and its “manliness” and then aggressively criticize anything a gay person has done. I’d love to know where they buy their mirror polish.

Anyway..sign me up..tell Chris to count me in. Anything that shitty combined with a fantasy league (PLUS CROSS-PROMOTION?? Haha OMG!!) makes me feel as giddy as a schoolgirl.

Chris Cameron said...

I never figured you'd be down for some fantasy football Static. Good to have you aboard. Oh and all league members have access to the HBFFL blog if they want to post stuff.

I'll send you an invite via the email address Lobo sent me.

Static said...

@ Chris (Angry Seafood): Glad to be aboard Cap'n! Arrr!

I bet you didn't know about my other equally disconcerting hobbies and pastimes...such as bird watching, Elvis collectible plate organizing, knitting mittens, rice sculpture, colonic hydrotherapy, javelin and shot put catching, playing the nose flute with my arse...ALL this AND more when you order my new book Small Treasures In The Toilet Bowl. Order it today for the special one time offer of $2.99 plus $19.95 s+h!! At this price it's a steal and they won't last!

I am eagerly awaiting your email like a geek eagerly awaits his next Dungeons & Dragons game night in your mom's basement.

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