A Fistful of Infographics

I got bills to pay. And these fine infographics are going to set me free. There's a wealth of information here, maybe you'll learn something. So enjoy. =P

Technology in the Classroom Douchebags

16 Things You Didn't Know About Sleep Douchebags

Famous Crimes Douchebags

Facts About Cancer Douchebags

The Cost of Car Insurance Sucks Douchebags

Famous Monuments You Don't Really Care About Douchebags

Weird Things Found in Airport Security like Douchebags

Credit Card Statistics for infographic Douchebags

What is a Masters Degree Worth? If it's from any of these places endorsed by this infographic it's worth Jack shit Douchebags

Identity Crisis and Douchebags: The Numbers Behind Identity Theft

15 Facts About Richard Simmons you Douchebags

Facts about your Feet for Douchebags

Life and Death of a Dollar Bill because you are Douchebags

Facts about the Mouth Douchebags

Facts about Cocaine by cocaine snorting infographic designing Douchebags

The Cold Hard Facts on Incarceration with Douchebags

The Sexual Revolution of Douchebags


Static said...

Ha ha, I know! What's even CRAZIER is I am getting paid $170 TO POST THAT SHIT. =P What a strange strange world we live in...even more strange is that I am actually capitalizing on this opportunity--I think I'm a bit of a sell out now. =)

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