Asian Baby

Respect for the Asian Baby lulz: by BadLipReading

More BadLipReading hilarity can be found here.
Cheese fries next time. Remember to save a pretzel for the gas jets.

CACA Needs Your Support In The Fight Against DWTS

Scientists and entertainers on ABC have JUST gotten out of hand. Their foul plans bring godlessness and corruption to everything they touch. They have defied Gawd's Holy Word and have committed the following abominations against Gawd and Man:

  1. made the earth round
  2. made monkeys unto our forefathers
  3. allowed women to read and write, to have orgasms, and lay with other women

Trolling Mark Zuckerberg on Google +

I have to admit nothing has been more fun on Google + than trolling douchebag trolls like Mark Zuckerberg. Apparently, I got his attention with these two comments - and he appears to be thin-skinned because not long after I started bagging on him he blocked me.

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