Scott Olsen Interview on YouTube Removed

Re: YouTube video - Scott Olsen Interview

Due to the number of emails I have received I am addressing this publicly.

Yesterday I posted an interview with Scott Olsen on YouTube with the intention of spreading news about his recovery and because I, like many, do not want his story to disappear.

The media coverage of what occurred on the morning of October 25th at Occupy Oakland has been widely published, but reports of injuries to activists such as Scott Olsen have not been extensive enough in the news. YouTube has thus provided a great outlet for sharing such reports and updates.

Nevertheless, the copyright holder, Dave Id at has requested that I remove that video on YouTube and I respect his wishes. There is no conspiracy or subterfuge involved here. Dave explained his aversion to for-profit media corporations, including YouTube, and that most exploit whatever they want from independent reporters. And I wholeheartedly agreed with him. So I took it down to comply with Dave's request.

Even though I made it a point to provide the credits and origination of that story in the video appears some people have no time for such concerns.

Anyone who may have REPOSTED that video can find the original story and interview here:

**Note that if you visit the link above - there is an embed code there with the same video content that can be used instead of mine. Please be sure to cite the proper source for any content you may use. The video can also be viewed below.**

My apologies for not clarifying this (or making that info conspicuous enough) at the beginning. It is out of my hands at this point. Thanks for your understanding everyone. Best wishes to Scott Olsen and family! I hope he continues to do well.

Any inquiries related to this story can be directed to

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