Next Time Just Shoot Yourself

the dark knight rises


Gorilla Bananas said...

They should have stuck with the Adam West Batman. All he ever did was biff people on the chin and give Robin pompous lectures.

Static said...

Old School: Because it was done right the first time.

Kelly said...

Oh noes1 An image of Batman with a gun to his head. Don't do it, Batman. I love you! I love you Batman!

Gosh, I can see why this angered so many people. lol. This image is definitely more outrageous than seeing an image of a poverty stricken child, scrounging for something to eat in one of the wealthiest countries of the world.

Or other images that should garner more attention and prompt positive action.

Again, I liked what you said on fartbook about this subject. And like I said before, on my own blog, people really are getting crazier, in general... With or without the media hyping up the crazier news of the world. You can observe it anywhere.

See ya on Farcebook. And now... to continue my blog tour, I bid you a hearty farewell. May you photochop a million more images that get some sort of reaction- good, bad, nutty, sane or whatever.

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