What up with Sarah Palin's "Shuck n' Jive" comment?

Just days prior to Obama's reelection, Ms. Palin made a statement on her Facebook page with some offhand remark about Obama and her opinions about his handling of the Benghazi attack, referring to his administration's response as a "Shuck and Jive shtick." Her opponents have been wondering what she meant by that comment. Was her statement racist, or was it taken out of context? Krapsody tracked her down to find out.

Palin, down wit de jive.

"'Sup, dudes! Mah' dojigger be Sarah Palin and I'm waaay down wid de JIVE rap, suckas. Duzn't assume dat plum a'cuz ah' used some phrase about Obama usin' 'SHUCK N' JIVE' means ah' am some kinda racist or sumtin'."

"NAW MAN! Deep waaay down ah' am some champion uh civil rights fo' Asians, Blacks, Latinos and even dem Homos and dem Retarded peeps too."

"I'm down wit mah peeps! I can sees Africa from mah front door step, y'hear? 'S coo', bro. Dank y'alls so's much fo' listenin' t'me paint mah'self into some co'na' again today! Right on! Keep it real, biatches!"

Even Sarah's fans have been known to do they own "shuckin' n' jivin'," especially when they was rallying for Romney. Such as Janine Kantell from Minnesota. Let's hear what dis woman of da world had to say 'bout Palin!

Janine Kantell. A nice 
church goin' hoe ass yamp.

"Dank ya' so's much, Sarah Palin fo' yo' courage and willin'ness t'do de hard tax' uh rappin' de trud. De way ya' gots been po'trayed by de media be disgraceful. You's gots been so's scapegoated - if dat be a word - and yet ya' hang in dere. ah' am prayin' fo' some huge Romney win next week."

"Ya' know? ah' have some twin sista' who suppo'ts Obama and when ah' ax'ed ha' whut she dought uh Benghazi she dun didn't know whut ah' wuz rappin' about."

"Man! She info'med me if it wuz nuthin negative about Obama she dun did not wanna hear it. Man! ah' also gots anoda' sista' who listens t'mainstream media and be goin' t'vote again fo' Obama as she puts blinders on and refuses t'hear any oda' viewpoint."

"Man! Dis be so discouragin'. Dese is baaaad sucka's who dink dey're hangin' whut's best fo' dem and dis country widout eva' pursuin' de facts. ah' pray dat dere is enough jimmey minded sucka's out dere seekin' de trud dat gots'ta vote Romney. Slap mah fro! Now if y'all 'scuse me I gots some shoppin' ta do at Mall o' 'Merica, Skankstas. Peace out!"

So's ya see, this here wasn't some isolated inc'dent or nuthin'. Totally innocent. White folk be talkin' like dis all de time now! This here be a case of ever'body hoppin' aboard the ebonics wagon, Fool. Now step off my grill, fo' I has to gets out mah can o' whoop ass an' stomp yo neck a time o' two, Man! Shit. I dunno who you jive turkeys think you is sometimes.


Julio said...

Me sees...She wuz juss jivin' herseff, showin' off hur bi-lingual skillzzz! It all makes sense now. Sarah Palin is simply pandering to the black, saying she can see Atlanta from Tina Fey's bedroom window! Thanks Krapsody for breaking this story. Also, hope you're not soaked in Obama's catastrophe, aka Sandy. Why didn't we use nuclear weapons on the hurricane, I ask you? WHY GOD, WHY?!

Kelly said...

Palin be off da hook wit dat shuck n' jive comment. She be one cool cat. Nawwww. She not be racist. She way too smart fo dat. Just ask dat worldly and bright-assed lady where Russia be. She tell you in one cool minute, mannn.

But if she be really serious 'bout some shuckin' and jivin', I think she should get her own TV show where she be shuckin' corn cobs and jivin' to some hillbilly music.

Dat would be mighty fine entertainment! Yes'm.

Julio said...

Also, the honest reason behind Sarah Palin's "Shuck and Jive Comment": IT'S A TRAP!

Meaning, it's a plea for attention, a red herring, a distraction from the real issues. In other words, she wanted to be talked about again because she has a show on Fox News and she wanted the publicity. And since racists LOVE watching Fox News, I think she gained more viewers than she lost (the one black guy who watches fox news vs. 100,000 white racists).

Julio said...

also, excellent commenting Mr. Kelly.

Kelly said...

Thanks, Mr. Julio!

Static said...

Why duzn't ya' two jus' get a room. WORD! Shoot, man.

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