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Gaup reviews Krapsody

"It’s like throwing a piece of meat in a piranha tank. You would think they should be saying thank you." -President Barack Obama

"I have seen the light, my life has been one BIG lie, now I live my life according to Krapsody." -Former President George W. Bush

"Now I see that shaving my head & checking into rehab was the best advice I'd ever heard.Thanks Krapsody!" -Britney Spears

"I think it's interesting how this hubbub on the wall resembles a pair of adult diapers..clever isn't it?" -Grampa Simpson

"I like thinking big. If you're going to be thinking anything, you might as well think Krapsody." -Donald Trump

"Krapsody is the best thing that happened to you? Now I just feel bad for you." -Seth Rogen

"If it weren't for Krapsody I would have committed suicide years ago." -Owen Wilson

"I used to be a cripple & now I can walk, thank you Krapsody!" -Stephen Hawking

"Static's talents are a gift from God...or something like that." -Rev. Billy Graham

"My addiction used to be drugs & alcohol, now it's Krapsody!" -Lindsay Lohan

"The moment I saw this site I thought.....Instant classic." -Oprah Winfrey

"Move over Christianity we found something better." -Mel Gibson

"My talent is in my vagina." (WHAAAAT?!) -Lady Gaga

"Krapsody? That's hot." -Paris Hilton & her New BFF

"This site cured my cancer." -Melissa Etheridge

"My vagina is angry!" -A feminazi

"FUUUUUUUH!" -Some dude

"?????" -Unknown

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