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Legalize Comedy

"...unless you're making fun of me..then that's illegal." - Elon Musk

Will Smith Getting Jiggy with It

Weinstein Loves Cosby's Homemade Pudding

Hi, Harvey. You like pudding?

Drain Bamage, Rocky, Drain Bamage

President Trump Blind After Staring at Solar Eclipse

"What on Gawd's green earth is THAT?"

Live Long and Shake Yo Booty

RIP Leonard Nimoy
03/26/1931 - 02/

5 Reasons Jean Claude Van Damme's Mullet is the Greatest Actor in the History of Cinema

| Dec. 11, 2014

Let's just get this straight. Forget his flexibility, Van Damme had THE best mullet ever. His mullet might be the only time a mullet has been successfully pulled off in the history of cinema. Look at Hard Target. Why, if it weren't for Van Damme's mullet the film would have no action appeal whatsoever (just like this clip from the director's cut). It would be the same old boring blah blah whatever movie that would be forgotten minutes after seeing it. It would have been a literal snoozefest. Let's face it, his mullet carried that film.

Go Ahead, Meme Me

| Nov. 20, 2014

"1,478,954,217,389 allegations of rape? Have another pudding pop. Zipzopzubittybop!" - Bill Cosby

(sources: childhood ruined -- *sobs uncontrollably)

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Puts the Nasty in Dynasty

| Dec. 30, 2013

In this stunning, never-before-seen and recently uncovered video, Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson has some hobbies that most people will find far outside the mainstream.

Drink up, wise quacker, your beard needs lots of nourishment--giving the rest of us a real reason to "fear the beard".

Extreme Nasal Hair

What up with Sarah Palin's "Shuck n' Jive" comment?

Just days prior to Obama's reelection, Ms. Palin made a statement on her Facebook page with some offhand remark about Obama and her opinions about his handling of the Benghazi attack, referring to his administration's response as a "Shuck and Jive shtick." Her opponents have been wondering what she meant by that comment. Was her statement racist, or was it taken out of context? Krapsody tracked her down to find out.

Palin, down wit de jive.

"'Sup, dudes! Mah' dojigger be Sarah Palin and I'm waaay down wid de JIVE rap, suckas. Duzn't assume dat plum a'cuz ah' used some phrase about Obama usin' 'SHUCK N' JIVE' means ah' am some kinda racist or sumtin'."

So What If It's An Empty Chair, It's Therapy

Eastwood mad as hell
Eastwood is justifiably angry.
Because he's old.

After Clint Eastwood's appearance at the RNC to support Mitt Romney, his empty chair routine thrilled delegates but lost the rest of us. This peculiar performance has had critics doing cartwheels. I'm not quite sure why this was so shocking or funny to some people. It's not like we haven't, or won't experience at some point the effects of aging on those near and dear to ourselves. Here is my reasoning behind Eastwood's behavior in a piece I'd like to call "Empty Chair, Empty Minds, Empty Hearts".

Drama Magnet

Just "LiLo" for a while, Lindsay. Please.

I Understand, You Need Time To Move On

cher auto-tune lols

Herman Cain's Revised 999 Plan

herman cain 999 plan

Shat Happens at 20000 Feet

The top 5 rejected 'Nightmare at 20000 Feet' Twilight Zone clips starring William Shatner.

Rejected 'Nightmare at 20000 Feet' Twilight Zone promotional photos starring William Shatner (more follows...)

Asian Baby

Respect for the Asian Baby lulz: by BadLipReading

More BadLipReading hilarity can be found here.
Cheese fries next time. Remember to save a pretzel for the gas jets.

CACA Needs Your Support In The Fight Against DWTS

Scientists and entertainers on ABC have JUST gotten out of hand. Their foul plans bring godlessness and corruption to everything they touch. They have defied Gawd's Holy Word and have committed the following abominations against Gawd and Man:

  1. made the earth round
  2. made monkeys unto our forefathers
  3. allowed women to read and write, to have orgasms, and lay with other women

Trolling Mark Zuckerberg on Google +

I have to admit nothing has been more fun on Google + than trolling douchebag trolls like Mark Zuckerberg. Apparently, I got his attention with these two comments - and he appears to be thin-skinned because not long after I started bagging on him he blocked me.

Don't Masturbate To This

Michele Bachmann crazy

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