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Donnie Trump: Busted Skunk

USA, (Miami, FL) -- Donald J. Trump, American businessman, politician, and former president of the United States has used several pseudonyms, including "John Barron" (or "John Baron"), "John Miller" and "David Dennison", the Secret Service has referred to him as "Mogul", and world leaders such as Kim Jong Un have referred to as "Dotard", was indicted today on 37 counts of accusations that the former US president risked US national security, foreign relations, safety of US military and intelligence gathering by removing hundreds of classified documents from the White House. 

Move over Amber Turd, this evening Trump will also be commonly known as Donny the "Phantom Sh*tter", as he is allegedly being held in custody and is facing charges of 14,000 counts of public indecency for defecating in public. 

When questioned, Trump replied with, "Yes, it was I who shat in or on your desks, your public squares, your lobbies, your foyers, your grocery aisles, your bathroom floors, your closets, your sidewalks, in your beds as you slept, and yes, even in your veggie hamberders." Trump frequently used fecal matter as a way of bringing attention to issues he has felt strong about -- such as the 2020 US presidential elections and illegal immigrants. 

Trump, aka the "Phantom Sh*tter", was identified by his trademark signature, "P.S." or "Phantom Sh*tter", always signed at the bottom of every note left behind, scrawled in his own feces either on the wall or floor of the spaces he violated. If convicted, Trump could be facing a sentence of up to 4,800,001 months in jail and a $31.5 trillion dollar fine, or whatever equals the current national debt.

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