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"Content Creator"

Social media be like:

Legalize Comedy

"...unless you're making fun of me..then that's illegal." - Elon Musk


I'm a by-product of plant-eating robots and mechanical elephants. k

 5/7 do not recommend.

✓ 8 weird DARPA projects that make science fiction seem like real life.

Totally not creepy, at all. But with a $3.5 billion budget ANNUALLY, anyone can say that unicorns exist.

A Fatal Exception Has Occured

Premature Evacuation

BREAKING: Coronavirus Contagious: If Only Someone Had Warned the President

Now Back to Ignoring My Armageddon Anxiety


Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Stable Genius

Weinstein Loves Cosby's Homemade Pudding

Hi, Harvey. You like pudding?

Face Sporks

Drain Bamage, Rocky, Drain Bamage


Merry Shitmas, Chodes

The Right to Arm Bears

Frankly, I think this idea never properly caught on.

Black Friday Surprise

President Trump Blind After Staring at Solar Eclipse

"What on Gawd's green earth is THAT?"

Five Shocking Ways To Prevent Malnutrition

'Murican Beauty

The Struggle is Real

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