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For Rent: 4.5 Billion-Year-Old Ball of Fire

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*based on a news story involving, Angeles Duran, who lives in Salvaterra do Mino, Spain. She recently laid claim to the sun legally.

According to an AFP article:
"...she now wants to slap a fee on everyone who uses the sun and give half of the proceeds to the Spanish government and 20 percent to the nation's pension fund.

She would dedicate another 10 percent to research, another 10 percent to ending world hunger -- and would keep the remaining 10 percent herself."

Half the proceeds to the government? Really?? 20 percent to the nation's pension fund? And only 10 percent to research, another 10 percent to ending world hunger, and the remaining 10 percent for herself?? altruistic of her.

News on the street is that she will have to adjust the lease to prorate the rent for those days when there have been, or will be, a full or partial solar eclipse.

Additionally, this extends to solar flare activity as well, which disrupts electronics and satellites orbiting our planet. Disruptions in service include cellphone reception and telecommunications transmissions on other technological devices including electrical power.

Lest I forget, a class action lawsuit is in the works: people who have been burnt by the Sun and/or end up with skin cancers are suing Ms. Duran for pain and suffering caused by her celestial body, as well as her responsibility for global warming. Lots of pissed off people I gather. She should be getting bitch slapped with the subpoena as this article is being published. Not such a good idea now, is it, Ms. Duran? 0 percent win. 100 percent FAIL.

Owner Of Black Market Kidney Ring Detained

If you've woken up in a tub full of ice with a note explaining that you have to call emergency then you can thank this nut.

In Nepal (AP)- The leader of a black market kidney ring is being sent back to India. Amit Kumar is wanted for removing hundreds of kidneys from poor laborers often at gunpoint.

It is said that Kumar's ring has sold over 500 kidneys to clients from all over the world. Police found Kumar with a waiting list of 49 more individuals.

Kumar's clinics spanned over 5 states, one of which was raided in January. It was discovered that this operation involved four doctors, several hospitals, twenty-four nurses, paramedics and a car laboratory.

After breaking up this clinic in New Delhi, Kumar fled to a top jungle resort in Nepal where he was arrested, and is now being extradited back to India.
More on the story here.


Watch out for this scam. Police are urging visitors to the city center

to be especially vigilant for a new gang operating a slick routine that

is aimed at stealing from unwary persons. They say that the gang usually

comprises four members, one adult and three younger ones.

While the three younger ones, all appearing sweet and innocent, divert

their "mark" (or "intended target") with a show of friendliness and fun,

the fourth -- the eldest -- sneaks in from behind the person's back to

expertly rifle undetected through his or her pockets and/or purses or

bags for any valuables being carried.

The attached picture taken is from CCTV operating in the inner city

shows the gang in operation.


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