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I Understand, You Need Time To Move On

cher auto-tune lols

Caption This Clown

you're a clown
"The morning after his nephew's party, Uncle Dale stumbled into the bathroom,
looked in the mirror, and discovered he was the victim of a drunk drawing incident."

I anxiously await your witty captions and retorts in the comments section.

Global Warming Really Chaps My Hide

not the best solution but a solution nonetheless Today is April 22nd. Do you know what day it is? Did ya forget already? Why it's Earth Day!

It's time for us to clean up our act. A time for going Green. A time for picking up trash around yourself and not throwing it out the window on the freeway, pinheads. A time for calling out sick at work and reducing our carbon footprints. That's just what I did. I called up work this morning and told them I wouldn't be coming in today. And if they didn't like it...well then I'd be leaving a carbon footprint in their ass.

The bleeding, the sick, the elderly, and the infirm can walk to a hospital for all I care at this moment in time. That's right. No ambulance rides for YOU today! Get ill, have a heart attack, or injure yourself some other day, moron. Don't you know it's Earth Day?

I want everyone to know, Krapsody is environmentally conscious. After all this blog isn't printed on paper..AND I drink only earth-temperature water (preferably polluted, so I can do my part in filtering the many toxins man has dumped into the environment).

This might explain why I have a large growth on my neck that glows in the dark. Hmm, maybe I ought to get that checked out..

Anyway. So in honor of Earth Day I have done something M0AR meaningful than participating in some run-of-the-mill BORING Earth Day event at a park or civic center, that in reality, just creates more trash and pollution.

I have created my very own motivational posters for you to pass on and get people motivated...or aroused..or perhaps a bit pissed off. Controversy is my middle name. Whatever works to spread the word!

earth day getting rid of automobiles is fun

earth day get treated like dirt

earth day recycle or i'll kill you

earth day responsible sustainable consumption fatso

earth day clearcutting for a better view of america

earth day hilarious

earth day funny

earth day legislation will be passed against this kid

earth day fail

Well. That's it for now folks. Tell me which ones are your favorites by leaving me a comment. Maybe the Earth Day Network or perhaps even the Green Party will use one someday. If you're feeling up to it, print one out and use it as a bumper sticker on your Hummer...what?? A guy can dream can't he?!

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Caption This Little Piece of Gorillasushi

My digital friend and fellow-blogger, Jason over at hosted a Carnival of Captions on 5-29-08. Unfortunately, I was churning butter that day, so I missed out. But as I always say it's better to be fashionably late than never show up.

Claire at A Little Piece of Me participated and had a photo that just I couldn't resist captioning.

llama nasal sucking

"Clearing a llama's nasal passages requires ALOT of sucking."

You can submit your own captioned photos to, the submission deadline for the next upcoming contest is Jun 4, 2008 at 11pm.

I already have one in mind I am going to submit, as usual I pulled this one out of my ass. Now caption it!

extreme skiing gone awry

Strange Weather Forecast

This one's odd. I'd love to read your captions for this one.

Credit: FunnyPicturesBlog

<-- Hello!

This strange forecast still photo is showing what appears to be the newscasters giant schlong...

"And a huge cock-front is moving across the midwest today. I think it's best you pack an umbrella."

Thread Bombs / DOUBLE TAKEThread Bombs / duh
Thread Bombs / Linda What?Thread Bombs / daaaaamn

Caption This

Here's a group of kids having fun.....?
But what about the one who looks a bit too eager, a psychotic future serial killer?
You decide.

Mars Rover Returns Photo of Martian Billboard

In response to Comedy Central's billboard guerrilla marketing, the red planet has it's own.

martian billboard

INSTANT UPDATE: Carol Channing volunteers for martian marketing campaign to hit planet earth soon!

carol channing pooted

The Art of "Jowling"

I've been around & about seen it all folks. That was until I saw this... JOWLING. But, what exactly is jowling? A step by step guide

1. Loosen all of the muscles in your face and refrain from making any expression.

(Y'know get sloppy drunk in other words).

2.Try to keep your eyes and mouth open.

(Shouldn't be hard with an IQ of 62).

3.Shake your head from side to side as quickly as possible while the picture is being taken.

(Install spit screens where necessary & wear umbrella doesn't hurt either).

Make sure to use a digital camera with a flash in order to capture the jowler in freeze frame!

Jowlers and/or Jowling may cause headaches, dizzyness, and possible fainting if performed too many times in a row.

The end result?


Want more? Just click here.

Virgin Blog Post That Needs No Introduction

Gorilla Marketing as it's never been seen before.

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