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The Top 15 Hard-To-Find Toys

Some of these are Michael Jackson's favorites, I'll let you figure out which ones...

Wanna Save On Gas?

Toyota Introduces 'The Toy': The First Pedal Car For Adults!

Original Story by Tom Attea of

In an effort to rescue drivers from the high cost of gasoline, Toyota has announced the introduction of the Toy, the first car for grownups that is operated like a child's pedal car.

Its main benefit is, of course, that it requires no gas. There is, however, a limit as to how far the vehicle can travel on one adult’s leg power.
The resourceful auto giant maintains that the encumbrance is not a drawback at all, because adults can change places at the wheel. While one pedals, the other can rest.

The company also proclaims that the new car is the first that “conditions you while you drive.” As a result, it claims that the vehicle will benefit all purchasers with improved heart health, greater longevity and, most vital of all, increased energy to pedal all the farther. Just be sure to pack some extra deodorant.

“We view the Toy as our most advanced product,” the chairman of Toyota avowed. “It’s way out in front of even our own hybrids in term of fuel efficiency, and it saves a lot of steps in the production of ethanol. Now, drivers need only eat enough corn and soy beans to generate energy to propel the vehicle.”

One of the first owners of the Toy was ecstatic. “I can’t tell you how good it feels to pedal past a gas station and know you no longer have to pull in and empty your wallet. But pedaling for miles can take some getting used to. When I work up a sweat, I’m really happy that the Toy comes with air conditioning. I just reach out and start cranking the dashboard-mounted fan. ”

Go go elbow grease!

Just imagine the looks your friends, your potential dates & people on the highway will give you when you pull up in this!

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