Slice 'n Dice Balls!

Watch this guy use this amazing blender, it cuts through anything!
He puts in a broom/rake handle, a baseball bat, a neighborhood poodle, an elephant, AND some golf balls for the capper, I think he lost his left arm & leg in a recent broadcast of his infomercial....

Brutha Can't Drive: Actor Eddie Griffin Crashes 1.5 mil dollar Ferrari

Seems our Undercover brutha was at it again.

Question is, was he watching porn when he crashed?

Full story can be watched here

Watch the short version (ADD friendly)

More on the million dollar mistake here

Seems the charity is losing out a bit, eh?

I was wondering when the ambulance showed up if someone killed Eddie for the smash up or if he was still alive if he'd ever be seen again.

Virgin Blog Post That Needs No Introduction

Gorilla Marketing as it's never been seen before.

The Arcade

Want to kill some time at work (or wherever)?

The Games Arcade has over 300 games to entertain you when my blog articles do not, or if you are simply waiting for my next one.

Of course these are free to play (F2P) and users can save game statistics on their games pages and receive awards for playing some of them. My gift to you, courtesy of, so have fun with that.


Laden w/Sarcasm!

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